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Welcome to Vivemy!

The Journey of Learning to Code

Many start learning to code to get a high paying job in the tech industry, others want to learn coding as a hobby. Some people, like myself, are not happy sitting idle while there is so much in this world to take in. If something in your life is so integrated in everything you do, and is so important that you can’t leave home without it, wouldn’t you want to understand how it works? Or, better yet, harness it to make it work for you rather than rely on others to tell you what you need.

The journey of learning to code is very steep, and it is easy to become overwhelmed; this is why many people start and never get further than ground zero. I wanted to share my experience with you to help you stay motivated when you're struggling. Whether you need a fresh idea or want follow along and support, this is the site for you!

At Vivemy you’ll find a lot of useful information and resources to help with your journey, and discover what you can achieve if you put your mind to it, and don’t give up.